Are crossovers automatically considered "bad"?

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Are crossovers automatically considered "bad"?

Postby LadyBrightcynder » October 13th, 2014, 8:43 pm

Hi everybody, I'm new here. I'm currently working on a multi-franchise crossover (which is admittedly mostly Pokémon-based), but there's something that's always made me anxious to post this comic online.

I know there is generally a bit of a "stigma" against fanfiction and by extension fancomics - some people assume they're automatically going to be bad, because, fanfic. (I don't share this view; I know there are incredible fanfics and fancomics out there.) However, because I'm working on a crossover, I worry that people will automatically assume it's going to be some rushed, nonsensical thing where Sonic meets Mario and goes to kick butt or whatever.

I've been working on the story for over 10 years, refining the characters and making them unique, and trying to make the story as accessible and enjoyable as possible. Most of the characters featured are my own characters, they just happen to be from a particular world/franchise/however you want to put it. I want any interactions the characters have with canon characters to be realistic and not bring vibes of Mary-Sue (and be somewhat rare. Because, let's face it, how are five random doofs going to run into somebody famous?).

I love crossovers and I'm so excited to be working on this comic at last, but I'm worried the stigma of crossover fancomics is going to kill it before it even begins. There is mild interest in it on DeviantART where it started, but I dunno what another community is going to think of it. I don't really care about it being super-popular, I just want to make something people can enjoy.
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Re: Are crossovers automatically considered "bad"?

Postby aquakitty101 » October 13th, 2014, 8:46 pm

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Re: Are crossovers automatically considered "bad"?

Postby eishiya » October 13th, 2014, 9:37 pm

There is definitely a stigma, but if your comic and website look good at a glance, people might be inclined to give it a chance.

Another thing to consider is that since you're not just sticking major characters from different franchises, you could just play the cross-over aspect down in your advertising/description. Sell people on what you're doing with the story rather than the franchises. That's a bit backward from how fancomics are usually advertised, but I think for a crossover it might be wiser.
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Re: Are crossovers automatically considered "bad"?

Postby seikastar » February 12th, 2017, 5:26 am

If you love it DO IT. And blaze your own path into glory. It's fine to do what you think might be cheesy, overdone, etc etc etc imo. Personally I think I've reached the age where I'm looking back at a lot of things that I sorta fell in and out of love with, and the distance of time just makes it all seem awesome again. And honestly more to the point, I think I've found a lot of people really love crossovers tbh!
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