Looking for a romance comic

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Looking for a romance comic

Postby PaleSun » July 30th, 2018, 2:47 pm

Hey there,
I'm looking for a comic that has slow progressing romance -with a happy ending tho
Additionaly I'd like to mention that I'm a supporter for LGBT but I'm an ordinary female who likes guys.
That's why I'm looking for a straight romance where a guy and girl's relationship is being told.
Thanks for your recommendations :)

Re: Looking for a romance comic

Postby mindcat » March 8th, 2019, 4:23 am

Hi there!

So I read this post back when you first posted and I thought about all of the comics I've read and, to be honest, I couldn't think of a single comic that had a romantic happy ending...

And I was shocked because I'm such a fan of romance comics, why couldn't a single comic come to mind? All of the ones I remember are either ongoing or on hiatus or the relationship never happened.
And I couldn't, for the life of me, think of a webcomic where they lived happily ever after.

So I did some research. Turns out, it's human nature to be drawn towards negative stories. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20140728-why-is-all-the-news-bad

Now, the thing is, why is it that we still enjoy happy endings in things like Disney movies? My favorite is Beauty and the Beast. Who doesn't love them some good, old fashioned romance, y'know? And by the way, was I the only one who was a little dissapointed that Elsa never found a mate in the movie Frozen? I was so used to people getting together and being happy that it just felt weird to me that she never had anyone at all. That scene where Kristof is walking up the ice stairs and he's all, "These stairs are so beautiful, I think I'm gonna cry. Ice is my life." I was seriously thinking, "Oh yeah, he's gonna go upstairs and see Elsa and he's gonna fall in love with her and Ana will have that other guy." And I understand why Disney chose not to follow the same old love story routine but I was still expecting it from a Disney movie y'know? (Still a good movie, I'm just saying.)

My guess is, people still want happily ever afters, just in small quantities. An hour, to two for a movie is the perfect amount of patience the average person would have for a happy romance. Plus, they already know the ending is coming, one way or another. It's only an hour long. It's better to wrap it up with love and smiles, right? (Not to mention they are for kids but we're all just kids at heart, I think.)

And the thing is, a lot of webcomics are made with the intent to be ongoing. Some are, literally, thousands of pages. And how do you keep someone interested in a happy romance for that long?
You can't. So, instead, the romance has pitfalls. One person is abusive and, all the sudden, a better guy comes along who can make the main character happy. And, as an audience, we are totally okay if he/she falls for the other guy, even if it's cheating because we like to see the contrast of "abuse" vs "the option of a better life". That's why there are so many love triangle comics.

So, anyway, even after digging and finding this out, I figured there still had to be some artists who would write happy romance comics anyway. I've been looking and looking and I finally found this author!

JigokuNeko on SmackJeeves

Sad to say, this is the only example I've come across so far...

Her art is older but many of her stories are completed and I really enjoyed them!
But, see how you feel after reading them. Because, even though I really loved her stuff (don't get me wrong!), they might be onto something about preferring negative stories because I still felt like something was missing afterwards.

I'd love to know what you think about all this, cause you pointed out a really good question no one seemed to be able to answer. The reason I'm so interested is because I love writing romance stories and I'm currently working on one and, after finding this all out, maybe I'll give them a different ending? Idk
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Re: Looking for a romance comic

Postby juankprada » March 8th, 2019, 1:32 pm

Not sure if its valid making some self promotion, but I'm currently writing a romance/drama comic. The name is Your Portrait and you can find it here: http://your-portrait.smackjeeves.com/. I can't say anything yet about the ending as it is still a work in progress. Either way I just started publishing it in smack jeeves so you can say you read it from the start!. Hope you like it! :D
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Re: Looking for a romance comic

Postby artofjoe » March 9th, 2019, 5:45 am

This one appeared in my similar section one day and I like it a lot. I don't know if you can count this as romance since the characters seem more platonic about it, but it's a really cool cute short feel-good comic with a very happy ending. It's 15 pages and it's a cute gem.

This one is about two exorcists in 11th century japan. An old man and his daughter. The romantic interest comes in later and the author tries to stick to history so it's got some pretty interesting facts about how courting and stuff went down back then. The author is on the last chapter right now and it looks like it will probably have a happy ending. The art style is also pretty unique and cool.

As for romance, I mean, I'm writing one about prince charming running around rescuing princesses and damsels to avoid his history with a princess that has a Turnip for a head. It's more about a character doing everything in his power to run away from a happy ending, but who knows, it might just catch up to him. I do put a lot of focus into his relationship with her because the whole world kind of revolves around it. I'm redrawing the old art right now and it'll be up in a month or two. You could read the prologue (which has been updated) if you're interested and then wait a little bit for the update to make reading it more worth your while. But if you want to read something already completed it may be best to ignore this for now. The comic is called "Charming" and you can find it on my profile. :)
I'm not going to link it because I don't know if that's against the rules and sometimes I am afraid of the moderators. (dear mods: you guys are very helpful and I love you, I am a fan of you, I respect what I fear, and I thank you for allowing me to live and gain the little bit of fame I can on this website. Keep keeping the internet a creative and awesome place for fans and creators around the globe)

Sorry if these aren't what you are looking for and good luck with your search!
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