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Re: Manga you're currently reading

Postby anhta-nhn » August 27th, 2018, 1:51 am

I love Echi.
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Re: Manga you're currently reading

Postby Strelok_401 » September 27th, 2018, 8:58 am

I've started reading Otoyomegatari (translated to Bride Stories in its French edition) that my wife was bugging me to read.

She was right, it's awesome. I don't even know how the author can fit so much detail in EVERYTHING - clothes, backgrounds, even bread loaves - on manga-sized pages. Add charismatic characters, a very original setting and story, and you've got a real hit. As far as I know, it's starting to be more and more widely known in the English speaking manga community, and it's good ; if I could have ONE manga I know adapted into an anime, it would be this one (my apologies in advance to the families of the 17 animators who will die of exhaustion while drawing that).
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Re: Manga you're currently reading

Postby simplykit19 » December 27th, 2018, 1:50 pm

im skimming through

one punch man
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