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Postby Blahblah1984 » September 18th, 2013, 11:14 pm

by: Ales Kot, Michael Walsh, & Jordie Bellaire


About: A science fiction story about war, the brutal tactics needed to win, and genetically modified soldiers. Having previously enjoyed both Kot’s “Wild Children” and Walsh’s “Comeback”, I picked up Zero issue one having high expectations. They delivered. This issue is a 30 page monster, paced incredibly fast, packed with dialogue which kept me engaged, and laced with art which had me empathetically cringing in pain.

What worked: The art is ridiculously good. Move over Sean Phillips, Walsh is coming for your job.

What didn’t: I am left guessing. Which doesn’t necessarily mean bad, but Kot has yet to hint at his theme. At this point, I must admit, the theme may be apparent to some, but over my head. Anyone who has read Wild Children would realize Kot’s style to be very complex, and know a payoff is coming down the pipe.

If you like, 12 Monkeys, you may like Zero.
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