Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby Ddraigeneth » August 8th, 2011, 3:55 pm

Hayroon wrote:...all Disney movies from 1992 to 2002...

That excludes a heck of a lot.
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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby Hayroon » August 8th, 2011, 5:07 pm

Ddraigeneth wrote:
Hayroon wrote:...all Disney movies from 1992 to 2002...

That excludes a heck of a lot.

In hindsight I remembered how much I love the earlier Disney movies as well, but they haven't really made any that wowed me sinc Lilo & Stitch
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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby xkrazydog » August 8th, 2011, 5:29 pm

Anime anime anime anime (lol just kidding)

Courage the Cowardly dog will always have a special place in my heart forever and ever.
Second is batman beyond.
Third is Samurai Jack
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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby Sonic-ock » August 8th, 2011, 6:04 pm

Inxerene wrote:I like the Boondocks

I like you.
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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby Seven Rain » August 8th, 2011, 6:29 pm

Sonic-ock wrote:
Inxerene wrote:I like the Boondocks

I like you.

As do I.

I have too many to list, honestly. CN and [as] have been home to tons and tons of western cartoons I enjoyed, and movies? Don't even get me started. I may seem like a huge weeaboo, (pfft, what the fuck do I mean by "seem like"?) but I still love a lot of cartoons from the West. <3

And just for the record; even though I have a huge hard-on for the 90's and nostalgia, I still love a lot of newer stuff too. I don't watch CN anymore but I love Chowder, The Misadventures of Flapjack, Adventure Time, Regular Show, etc.
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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby Palutena » August 8th, 2011, 6:39 pm

I have to many to list. I prefer American cartoons over Anime, so really a good amount of cartoons from here.
Like Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Adventure Time, Regular Show, other CN classics, Spongebob, Fairly OddParents, a ton of Disney classic shows and movies, etc.
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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby Cannetella » August 8th, 2011, 6:45 pm

Loom wrote:I've always had a soft spot for the The Snow Queen(Snezhnaya koroleva / Снежная королева). But it is one of the first animations I can ever recall watching.

My favorite story.
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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby Fubar » December 2nd, 2011, 6:12 am

Batman: The Animated Series is definitely one of my favourites as well. That show had some serious style, both in art and writing. The movies, like Mask Of The Phantasm, were great too.

As for the other 90's animations, I watched quite a bit of Spiderman and X-Men, but they weren't anything special IMO.

Recently I've been enjoying a lot of Adventure Time, esp. the first season. I really liked Flapjack, and Adventure Time has a (sorta) similar style of humour, though it is still quite unique. I do recall seeing Orman's name in the story credits for at least one of the episodes, so that might explain it a bit.
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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby Advertisement » December 2nd, 2011, 9:01 am

Damn...I really wish I was born in the late 80's so I could be there when all the great 90's stuff hapenened...
ANYWAY. I don't really enjoy cartoons as much as anime. I find their lack of continuity between episodes unapealing.
The only cartoons I watch reguraly are MLP:FiM and South Park. I also sometimes watch MAD. I find their some of thier Sketches quite enjoyable, especialy the ones that make fun of the interent or anime. I REALLY want to get around to watching Courage The Cowardly Dog. I should watch em all before the Reboot in 2012 -_-
I also LOVE Disney movies (NOT that shitty shit High School Musical Shit. ITS A LITE I TELL YOU. LIES!). My favouritie being the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby Extreme5000 » December 2nd, 2011, 9:22 am

MLP : FiM, King of the Hill, American Dad, Family Guy, SatAM, Sonic X.

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Like hell I'm clicking on that.
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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby Scaw-DragonSlayer » December 18th, 2011, 7:02 pm

Futurama is my all-time favourite animated TV show.
Tom & Jerry is second, and would maybe be tied for first if not for the Chuck Jones episodes. I'm really not a fan of his work.
The classic Luney Toons (Merry Melodies) cartoons are a big influence on my art style. As are classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon such as Tom & Jerry, Flintstones, Wacky Races, etc.

Lion King has to be one of my favourite animated movies. Disney's Robin Hood is a childhood favourite too.

For 3D animation - Kung Fu Panda stands out the most for me.

And in other media - Corpse Bride is an epic masterpiece of story-telling, humour and incredible animation. Far superior to Nightmare Before Christmas.
Corpse Bride is probably one of my all-time favourite movies. At least in the top 3.
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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby Pascal_Sadface » December 18th, 2011, 9:07 pm

my life as a Teenage robot for some reason has always been a show that i really digged =P i also enjoyed the oblongs invader zim. of course the 90s cartoons of CN and Nickelodeon. as well as the disney movies, even the really unpopular ones like the Black couldron
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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby MySiliconSoul » December 30th, 2011, 1:48 pm

My favorite has always been Batman the Animated Series.

I never missed an episode as a kid.

My user name was inspired by the title of one particular episode.
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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby Loverofpiggies » December 30th, 2011, 2:51 pm

Oh gosh, where do I start.

MLP, Adventure Time, The Kids Next Door was one of the best made cartoons EVER (imo, and I really only started feeling like this recently), Courage, Batman TAS, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Boondocks, Venture Brothers, Secret of Kells, Spongebob... there are so many good cartoons around, haha.
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Re: Favorite Animated Movie/Series that isn't anime

Postby Froken Keke » December 30th, 2011, 5:48 pm

I don't really watch anime, so this doesn't affect my list at all. I don't really have that much to say about series, I generally like Futurama, the new Pony series and some others, but otherwise I've got nothing to add on that.

Movies, on the other hand... Open the spoilers for walls of text.

Resan till Melonia (1989) Translated: The Journey to Melonia
Spoiler! :
A childhood favorite, that got a lot better as I watched it again at an older age. It's about a collection of people who end up on the paradise island of Melonia after a storm at sea, among them are two businessmen from the mechanical factory island of Plutonia, who wishes to use Melonias natural resources for their own gain. The movie does a great job at delivering its message of preserving nature, it's never really talked about, instead it's all displayed in the contrasting natures of the settings. I especially like how it manages to include rather dark elements like child labor, extermination and warfare without sugarcoating it for children, kids are more intelligent than they are given credit for, which the filmmakers clearly understood. I also like the plot and how it focuses the majority of the movie just showing the colorful and diverse characters socialize and evolve. It gives room for the viewer to really learn to know and like the cast, as well as give room for loads of memorable quotes. (A highlight is the small dogpuppet looking William, who only speaks in philosophical rhymes and poems.)
Sadly, this movie is really hard to find(I'm lucky to own a copy of it, as it was only released on DVD once, nearly ten years ago.), and I don't think it's available in any language other than Swedish, so this might be a bit hard for anyone outside of Scandinavia to see. Regardless, it's on Youtube, so you can just look it up anyway. The animation is charming and imaginative, so I guess that might be worth something if you don't understand.


The Lion King (1994)
Spoiler! :
Another childhood favorite, and the first movie I ever saw in a theater. Too bad I don't remember that. Luckily, I remember the impact this movie had on us kids. It was a bit of a phenomena, everybody knew it, everybody had seen it millions of times, it was all around, really. I've watched old yearbook class photos from around that time. There were a lot of Lion King shirts.
Anyway, you've all probably seen this one already, so there's not really much I can add. The plot, as we all know, is about a lion cub destined to become the next king, who believes himself to be responsible for his fathers death and goes into exile, neglecting his place in the circle of life.
This is one of those movies I've watched so many, many times, but really, so have you too. It's so very memorable in every way, and it deserved it by being so perfect in so many ways. From the animation to the plot, which manages to portray itself as grander and more important than all other Disney films, I personally find a great appeal in the setting of the movie. I love African nature and culture, and this appeals very much to me. I wouldn't be surprised if this movie is the reason why I have that fascination for it. Anyway, you've already seen this, so I might just go on.


Bambi (1942) And probably most other classic Disney films.
Spoiler! :
This one was actually not much of a childhood favorite, of course I saw it a fair share of times, and I remember it all nice and well, but as a kid I preferred the other Disney animations. Not so long ago, I suddenly gave this one a thought, and realized that now, all these years afterwards, this one actually appeals to me more than all the other Disney animations. So I gave it another watch, and yes, I was right. It's actually quite brilliant, showing the life of an animal in the great forest. I feel that the unconventional plot is one of the things that makes this movie so great, it makes it more interesting to not have any conflicts or goals. Disney did this a lot in their earlier movies, but I feel this is the one were it actually works.
One thing I really love about this one are the beautiful backgrounds, it's just a very pretty thing to look at. Another thing I really love is how elements of the plot, like the mothers death and the fathers absence, as well as the settings and subtle use of colors all give the movie a feel of melancholy. Perhaps it's subtle, or just a personal reflection, but I feel the overall mood in Bambi is pretty sad, despite all the occasional cute critters, and I like that.
When I watch this one today, I feel it's on par with The Lion King, possibly even better, but The Lion King is a movie I liked both then and now, and I can't really say that about Bambi, so objectively, I'd say that one is better, to me.
As a side note, I'd say most classic animated Disney films fit on this list, so I just decided to pick two that stand out a little more for me.


Pelle Svanslös (1981) Translated: Peter-No-Tail, literally Pelle Tailless
Spoiler! :
Another one from Sweden. This one chronicles the life of a cat who lost his tail shortly after birth, after almost being drowned by his owner he luckily gets sent of to a family in the relatively small town of Uppsala, a few miles north of Stockholm. There he has to gain the respect of the other cats, who generally show a mean attitude because of influence from the local bully who thinks he's silly for not having a tail.
The plot and animation are nice and works, and even if they aren't too special, they do their work fine. The greatness of the movie lies in the deliverance of the story, and the various characters and their dialogs, it's all done very humorously, but still with it's share of seriousness. A fairly correct explanation of this movie would be "a Swedish Disney film", which I'd agree with. It has the songs, the comic reliefs and all that. Personally, I'd say that apart from the animation and the songs, it does all this better than Disney themselves. There's all the likability, but with all the little bits of my own culture, which makes it appeal that much more to me. If you want to know more about life in Sweden, this movie shows it pretty well.


Fritz the Cat and The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat (1972 and 1974)
Spoiler! :
Now, I've heard that the comic is supposedly much, much better than these films, and I don't doubt that, but I haven't read them, and as such, I guess I'm innocent with my opinion. These movies are about your everyday guy Fritz, who mostly just finds himself in every bizarre situation after the other which satires events in the 60's and 70's, all with their share of adult themes. These are good examples of movies you definitely shouldn't take seriously, and I think the humor is somewhat limited. If you don't like very dark humor, you shouldn't bother. I love that stuff, so these movies are really enjoyable for me. It's great laughing stuff, all the different and bizarre scenarios make it sort of like a very sick drug trip. If you like that stuff, you should give these a watch. If not, there ain't really much to get from this stuff.


Huh, three movies about a cat. Never expected that...
It's actually Fröken Keke, there's a difference.
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