So it's over... thoughts on Flashpoint 5?

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So it's over... thoughts on Flashpoint 5?

Postby Littlefish » August 31st, 2011, 2:31 pm

The conclusion to the big DC event that promised to change everything leading into the
"not a rebbot of the Universe. Please don't call it that" New 52.

What did you think?

My thoughts behind the spoiler...

Spoiler! :
I was a little surprised that the story ended as it did. I was expecting some new Universe emerging and doing
away with the old. The decision to leave the old intact but introduce a brand new meta-universe with its own
alternate worlds etc. leaves it open to one day return to the old continuity (particularly I imagine, if the new
stories don't really catch on)

In fact the words of the weird lady in the timestream make it sound like they have to come back together again
at some point in order to face something or other... which makes me think we'll return to the old continuity
eventually or possibly have a third reboot to tell the stories in the other timeline that was mentioned.

Is this the case of DC setting up to tell a long term epic story?

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Re: So it's over... thoughts on Flashpoint 5?

Postby HABE » September 11th, 2011, 9:34 pm

Not a DC fan, myself, so I haven't been following this too closely — just as an interested observer. And you just made it more interesting to me :)

You make it sound like the New 52 might turn out to be another temporary gimmick to sell multiple #1 books to the loyal collector crowd rather than a new start to attract new readers as DC claims. If the relaunched titles all come to an end with the next big event and revert to their old numbering and continuity... wow. I'm not sure if that would be a massive dirty trick on readers or a stroke of marketing genius, or both.

You're the first I've seen suggest this possibility. It's going to be more fun than I thought to see what happens next!
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