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Comic Widgets Notice

Postby Admin » April 1st, 2017, 9:51 pm

Certain "widgets" have been removed, namely the "Facebook likes" widgets and the previous/next overlay links. The reason the Facebook widgets have been removed is because they were totally ineffective and were ugly. The previous/next overlay links were removed because they were just plain ugly and since 99% of the time people just want to go to the next page, which the auto-linking feature still accomplishes, and 99% of the time the next/prev arrows will suffice for navigation without uglying up the comic page itself.

The one widget that remains is the embedded (overlayed) Bookmark widget - I recommend disabling this for anyone who is using it. If you're currently using the embedded Bookmark widget and want to move it from being overlayed on top of the comic page to somewhere else (perhaps below it), please message me or post in the Help forum for assistance.
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