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Stats Updated

Postby Admin » April 15th, 2018, 11:51 am

Hey guys,

Wanted to give you another update. The site stats were updated a few days ago to ignore bots & crawlers and only count traffic from real visitors. Apparently crawler traffic was pretty significant, so you might see your page views go down. Unique visitors shouldn't go down too much comparatively.
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Re: Stats Updated

Postby eishiya » April 15th, 2018, 1:06 pm

My uniques went down 50% over the last 3 days, I guess I can't blame that on this change, huh ):

Thanks for the change! Always happy to know the stats are more accurate.
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Re: Stats Updated

Postby kayotics » April 15th, 2018, 1:11 pm

Thanks for updating the tracker! I was definitely wondering why there was such a discrepancy between what my Google Analytics tracker was saying.
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Re: Stats Updated

Postby mitchellbravo » April 15th, 2018, 1:20 pm

Thanks, Admin!
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Re: Stats Updated

Postby Seven Rain » April 15th, 2018, 9:03 pm

Spoiler! :
In all seriousness thanks for the red pill, Admin. Damn those bots and crawlers.
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Re: Stats Updated

Postby MariaCinnamonRoll » April 16th, 2018, 11:28 am

My readers have been dropping a lot lately,but I dunno if its this change or not
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