the best social media site to share your work

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the best social media site to share your work

Postby Jpolte » September 4th, 2017, 3:41 pm

Hello, I just have a simple question, I just want to know what are the best places to share your comic on social medias

I like to share my comic to many social medias, though I'm kind of stuck if there's anywhere else to post at
so far I've been sharing it on twitter, facebook, tumblr and reddit. Are there anymore I out there to look at?
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Re: the best social media site to share your work

Postby cultbasilisk1989 » September 5th, 2017, 3:06 pm

I was going to post a similar thread. I am curious what routes people have used to increase promotion.

I do Facebook mostly. I started a Twitter and Instagram account just to post there, but I hate both those apps and I loath to have to use the phone to make Instagram posts.

For my own insights, I have been messing around with Facebook ads because its the only ads I really accept these days (might play around with Google Adsense, but as I have an ad blocker I tend to only use things that I feel that would result in people similar to me looking at the page).

It is really easy to get 1,000 likes on face book for maybe $30-50 but I discovered if you cast your net too widely you just get lots of random people in far off places who apparently just like anything that shows up on their feed.

So what I started to do is target audiences restricted to say US, Japan, Canada, and the UK and then pick a topic that I feel that the audience members would like and narrow the audience down from 30 million possible persons down to say 200,000 or so. The ads are much more expensive sometimes but when I check out the people's profile that liked the page, they tend to be people that I go "yeah these people would like the page" where if I were setting up a large audience (despite having the demographic requirements in likes) I would say get someone who is very pro-religious while my comics tend to border on the demonic and Satanist and I know 100% that this person didn't read the comic or otherwise they wouldn't have like the page (unless they are secretly a satanist... actually if I ever had too much money to know what to do with... I'd make a graphic of a pentagram and make an add says "Click like to give your soul to the devil" and target Christian demographics and see how many people like the add. I would do this to actually take it up with the Facebook ad team to show their system isn't working correctly. Either people aren't reading the ads and just click like on anything they see (and you get charged for that) or it isn't really being targeted to the right people like it says, but so far with the 200,000 audience members I get more page clicks).

Anyways that is my experience... I've been thinking about going a more organic approach for a while until more content is up. Maybe you just need 100 pages or so before people start going through all the content.

I'd be interested in what other people do for promotions so if we could keep this conversation going.
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Re: the best social media site to share your work

Postby eishiya » September 5th, 2017, 4:49 pm

Google Adsense ads are blocked by just about anyone Internet-savvy enough to read (and spend money on) webcomics. They're also impossible to target well. They're great for some things, but just don't work well for webcomics, from what I've heard.
Facebook ads are ridiculously overpriced for what they offer, and are difficult to target well.

I've advertised on TopWebComics and that got me a some nice hits and a slight increase in readership even after I ended my short ad run there. That was a good value for the money, and I wish I could afford to do it again.
ProjectWonderful can be very good if you're smart about using it. Automatic campaigns are basically worthless unless you have money to burn because most of the cheaper ad slots just aren't worth the money, but spending a few bucks advertising at update time on a very popular relevant webcomic can be very effective. A few minutes on something big like Oglaf can be way better than spending the same amount of money on a week of advertising on smaller comics.

As for actual social media interaction, as opposed to ads - I've had no luck on Tumblr and Twitter. These days I treat social media as a way to interact with and make announcements for existing readers, rather than as a way to reach new readers.
I think the main reason I've had no luck, though, is because my content is 99% webcomic stuff. More successful people seem to get people to their comics largely through non-comic stuff, most often fan art. People follow for the fanart, and eventually check out the comics. Non-fanart (OC) illustrations can also work, if they're very pretty.
So, I guess it's less about the specific site, more about your content. That said, I'm not sure of heard of anyone having good luck with Facebook; it's just not great for discovery, though it's good as a platform to connect with existing fans.
Community activities like Twitter's #WebcomicChat can be a nice way to make connections with other webcomickers. It won't earn you readers directly, but building up your network means you might overhear more useful information, get some more reblogs, etc.

I disagree about needing 100 pages. I'd say 30-50 is a good number to start advertising - enough that people see you've got a good amount of content, but not so much that you have an off-putting archive slog. A big archive can be intimidating. There aren't really hard numbers on this, though, as it also depends on the type of story you have, how much content there is per page, etc.
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Re: the best social media site to share your work

Postby Emevsa » November 16th, 2017, 6:28 am

We have had moderate success with Facebook and Twitter, though we're very new. Instagram not so much unfortunately. You're not going to get a great following, especially if you're new, and there is no way of knowing if people are actually going to the links. Twitter has been great for us in terms of connecting to communities that share our stuff. Accounts like Webcomicnetwork, ComicArtistsUnite and ComicBookHour have dedicated followings and host frequent chats that can help get some eyes and support on your comic.

Register for TopWebComics as well. It gets a decent amount of engaged and dedicated traffic. They have a $1 sponsor program that can really raise your profile and is a much cheaper alternative to Facebook.

Facebook boosting has been moderately successful but we don't spend heaps.

Most of our audience is because of time and engaging in the communities already on the site in forums such as this. People are more likely to support a creator they like. :) Don't forget a signature showcasing your comic as well. That really helps. :mrgreen:
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