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Postby Randumbz » July 18th, 2018, 8:19 am

EmperorWalrusComics wrote:While i think the show's pacing and art was much better in season one, I still love watching the characters. Say what you will about the plot, but this show has great dialogue.

The pacing was bad in season one in my opinion. It felt like the entire first half of the season was filler
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Re: Steven Universe

Postby Quillpen » July 18th, 2018, 8:03 pm


Lapis has always been my favorite... when she took the barn I (no shame) cried for an hour straight. Who else here is a lapidot shipper? Killed me to see her leave. BUT HER ENTRANCE IN THE WEDDING WAS EXCELLENT and Peridot was the first to greet her back ;)

Bismuth was my fourth favorite (next to Steven (3) and Connie (2)). Shes kind of relateablw for me- I like a lot of people, enjoy working, and I don’t always take certain news well. She got her redemption though which is very nice.
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Re: Steven Universe

Postby MK_Wizard » July 20th, 2018, 7:56 pm

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About Bismuth; I don't think she really needed any 'redemption' really. She was never the bad guy. She was misunderstood and misunderstood Rose entirely. Everyone misunderstood Rose except Pearl because only she knew who she really was. Bistmuth was acting exactly how someone who had been betrayed was. Plus, she didn't attack Steven after being freed. She stopped and listened meaning she never really meant to hurt him deep down or at least genuinely regretted it. She was never malicious. Just a panicked victim.

I would have to say my favourite is Garnet because she is able to wear so many hats so eloquently. She is Steven's mother figure and taught him everything he knows about the Crystal Gems as well as the honour they are meant to uphold, she is the leader of a team and is able to keep everyone together, and she is a voice of reason that keeps everyone and anyone grounded when needed.
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