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Re: Comment Battle!

PostPosted: May 7th, 2013, 6:22 pm
by kingdomguy15
So you rather risk the worlds colliding and have impending destruction unfold?
I don't get you nixtra what are you trying to accomplish?
[kingdomguy used quick slash on the charred body of shiny houndoom][the body took no damage seeing how it has no life in it]


ha... haaaa... besides, we both know that if you really wanted to damage me you'd stop with these petty mind games and get serious...

so why haven't you yet! are you afraid of getting that fancy cloak of yours stained in the enemy's blood? or do you think I still have something to hide?!

Re: Comment Battle!

PostPosted: May 7th, 2013, 8:04 pm
by corruption
Nixra smiled to itself.

"You actually thing what was in the temple will keep the worlds from colliding? My poor delusional fool. My people faked those artifacts long ago, and spread the story that they can prevent this world and another from linking together, or be used to hasten it. The truth is that they do nothing save serve as bait, and have done so for thousands of years."

Spoiler! :
This is a lie. The artifacts have actually been designed to explode when used, killing anyone who did manage to take them.

[Nixra uses bloodspit on Kingdomguy.] [Kingdomguy looses 1HP and must miss a turn.]

HP 4200
MP 450
Nixra also quickly throws the charred corpse into the woods so it can distract from future mindfucks. Nixra wants to see this guy use his sword on himself.

Re: Comment Battle!

PostPosted: May 9th, 2013, 6:17 am
by kingdomguy15
uhu... that can't be the truth I know what I faced left through here. if I'm wrong... then why, why can't I feel "it" in this world anymore?! riddle me that if you can...

just what are you anyway?

Re: Comment Battle!

PostPosted: May 9th, 2013, 8:12 pm
by corruption
"That is because the world has changed in another way. It has nothing to do with this temple. I am just a Shaman, guarding this place and killing those who would seek to destroy the world, or mess with forces they can't begin to understand. You thought it would stop worlds from merging, but before it can do that, You must know how they are merging in the first place. Since you did not leave when you could, I shall have to kill you, like I have thousands before you. THAT is why I bind the souls of those I kill; so they can't inform others of what they learn."

[Nixra uses Mindfuck on Kingdomguy] [Kingdomguy looses 350HP and must attack himself]

HP 4200
MP 440

Re: Comment Battle!

PostPosted: May 10th, 2013, 8:46 pm
by kingdomguy15
dirty move... GAH!
[kingdomguy uses quickslash on himself and loses75HP]

Then why haven't I heard of you... I've been guarding this temple for a good while now, yet they mention nothing of a guardian of the shadows. To appear now would serve what purpose if what you say is true?



I...can feel "it"...

Re: Comment Battle!

PostPosted: May 10th, 2013, 10:43 pm
by corruption
"So none of the more dangerous foes could read your mind, oh decoy. I left you alone because it served my cause, killing the lesser dangerous as I killed those that you could not stop, but when you tried to seek to change the world without understanding what you sought to do, I had to move to prevent it. I can't allow you to live and spread what you now know.
"You can feel things are fixed, and it was done so by those who knew what they did. You should have left things to the experts.
"Since you did only as you thought you must I will not mess around and draw it out, but make sure you die as fast as I can arrange it without risk to myself.
"I had been prepared to turn myself into a Lynch and using the power from my death to enhance a sonic blast spell to 5300HP, but is I can live to carry on my duty, I will do it."

[Nixra uses Mindfuck] You know the drill. Loose 350HP and attack yourself.

HP 4200
MP 430

Re: Comment Battle!

PostPosted: July 30th, 2014, 4:45 pm
by Melody-Pika
Name: Favilla
Race: Braxien (Pokemon)
Powers/Talents: Fire-type Pokemon
Weapons/Abilities: Has the Blaze ability, when HP falls below 150, Fire-type attacks are boosted in damage by 50%.
Melee: -Facade (Power doubles if it hits someone who is poisoned, paralyzed, or burned) (Normal type) Damage: 70 HP
-PowerUp Punch (Adds ten damage every time it is used) (Fighting type) Damage: 50 HP
-Thief (Can steal another person's item if they have one) (Dark type) Damage: 20 HP
-Cut (Can cut down obstacles) (Normal type) Damage: 40 HP
Magic: -Fire Spin (Can hurt another player for 1-4 turns after being used by taking 10 HP each turn, Favilla must recharge if it hits) (Fire type) Damage: 50 HP, requires 10 MP
-Psyshock (Requires Favilla to be calm and concentrate) (Psychic type) Damage: 70 HP, requires 20 MP
-Hidden Power (Electric type) Damage: 100 HP, requires 50 MP
-Dream Eater (Requires Favilla to be calm and concentrate, saps health from anyone sleeping, restores 20 HP to Favilla) (Psychic type) Damage: 40 HP, requires 10 MP
Special Melee: -Flame Charge (Speeds Favilla up each time she uses it) (Fire type) Damage: 50 HP
-Protect (Protects Favilla from attack for an entire turn) (Normal type)
-Frustration (Builds in power the more flustered or angry Favilla is) (Normal type) Damage: 10-130 HP
-Echoed Voice (Builds in power each consecutive time Favilla uses it) (Normal type) Damage: 30-80 HP
Special Magic: -Swagger (Boosts the strength of whoever she uses it on but severely confuses them) (Normal type) Requires 30 MP
-Attract (If used on someone of the opposite gender, they will become infatuated and be unable to do anything for 2 turns) (Normal type) Requires 50 MP
-Light Screen (Requires Favilla to be calm and concentrate, lowers damage from magic and special magic by 50% for 3 turns) (Psychic type) Requires 60 MP
-Will-o-Wisp (Inflicts a burn on the target, which takes 10 HP every turn until healed) (Fire type) Requires 40 MP
Ultimate: Future Sight (Requires Favilla to be calm and concentrate, does nothing on the turn used but will hit target two turns later, there is no protection from Future Sight) Damage: 100HP, requires 100 MP
Items: Lum Berry (heals status conditions), Oran Berry (heals 100 HP), Liechi Berry (boosts Melee and Special Melee attacks, but only when consumed at 1250 HP or less), Petaya Berry (boosts Magic and Special Magic attacks, but only when consumed at 1250 HP or less), Reviver Seed (restores Favilla's HP and MP, as well as get rid of any status conditions, upon fainting)