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Postby Brawlitup99 » December 12th, 2013, 4:58 pm

I'm pretty sure you all know of SSF2, correct? Well, on their forums, was this sprite battle. It was eliminated eventually, but it looked cool!
So I thought, why don't we do it here?

Before we get going, though, let's lay out the rules:
1. All of the SJ Forum rules are in place. Just in case.
2. This acts a lot like SSBB, where if you are KOed, you must stay out permanently (or until next match). This also means all items from SSBB are useable.
3. Any # of people can join, but when the due date to join a match is closed, no-one, I repeat
is allowed to join until the next match.
4. Any sprite is acceptable, but please, let's be reasonable...no-one likes a player who chooses SHOOP DA WOOP all the time.
5. Please, try your best to use any type of GIF file.
6. A post can be shown like this:
I attack with blahblahblah!
(insert gif here)

More rules may be added later.

Now then, let's get started, shall we?

I choose my character, BallBrawl.

Enter by 12/19/13.
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