Smackjeeves Mafia PYP [0/???]

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Smackjeeves Mafia PYP [0/???]

Postby youdont12know » February 25th, 2014, 4:28 pm

Smackjeeves town is in uproar! A group of villians from various comics have banded together to take over the town, but after their scheme became known, town square and eveyone inside got locked up inside of a barrier. Everyone knows they'll only be let out once only one faction remains, but only the villians know who the other villians are. Can the heroes discover the evildoers amongst them? Or will our dastardly devils fool everyone and shoot the rest?

Spoiler! :
Welcome to the first ever Smackjeeves mafia (A quick search shows another game of mafia here, but this one is different in number of ways apart from the most basic of rules)

I could describe the rules to this game, but instead I'll link you to this guide.

This is the pick your poison variation on the game, which is not mentioned in the above guide. Basically instead of me creating a list of roles and then distributing them among the players, this game you all send me a list of roles, and I give you one of those, with the further (Actually fairly standard for pyp) variation that instead of roles, you pm me two to three characters from webcomics on this site, along with links to them, and then I give them an appropiate role. For this reason I'd rather have the comics have cast pages, if only so I don't get stuck reading 10 webcomics in a week. Also, because I'll be giving out links to the origin of the characters afterward, pick characters and comics that you enjoy, but arent yours. This isn't the place for selfpromotion.

Speaking of the characters, this isn't roleplay. just because your character talk with a lisp/speaks in cypher/is an idiot/whatever else DOESN'T mean you have to talk like that, and that is in fact forbidden. the point of the game is subterfuge, and roleplaying goes directly gainst that.

Also this is a daystart because everyone should get a chance to play
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