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Serik - A collaborative science fiction RPG

Postby HwoThumb » April 26th, 2014, 8:17 pm


Let's play a space game!

While taking a look at the forum games, I noticed a distinct lack of some of the RPG games I had seen on other forums. These games are simple enough - Players are given an environment and create their own characters to inhabit the world, improvising their story and building something that everyone can enjoy. When it works, it's beautiful. However, though these usually start off innocently enough, as they grow in size, they often collapse under their own weight, combined with the immaturity of the players

Let's not do that. We can tell a good story. We can tell it together. We have imagination, creativity, maturity. Let's use it to make something cool.

So let's play a space game. And it will be great. I stole the world and its inhabitants from a book I'm writing, but with any luck, we should be able to take this into an entirely new direction. There's a lot of lore to read, and you can skim some of it if you want. Just make sure that if you want to play an alien, you read over their description.

The Character Sheet
Home Planet:
Physical description:
Character Bio:
Misc stuff (Job, interests, etc) :
A drawing of your character is optional, and can be used to replace the "Physical description" category.

Sample character
Spoiler! :
Name: Amso Rakol
Gender: Male
Species: Shorman
Age: 29
Home Planet: Tara II
Personality: Intelligent and resourceful, as well as bitterly sarcastic. Not amoral, per se, but willing to use others to get ahead. He puts on a tough guy act, which is usually enough to scare his enemies enough that killing never becomes necessary, which is just as well, because killing is the line he won't cross.
Abilities: A decent pilot and good hand to hand fighter. Cannot handle a gun well, but is uncharacteristically agile for a Shorman. He has been able to adapt his business education to his new job.
Character Bio: Amso grew up on Tara II and worked there as a business consultant before he began to rent a vessel and make his fortune as a merchant. However, recently he has discovered that the building conflict between the GRP and the IPSF creates a demand for weapons, and has taken up gun-running as his trade, working for a shell corporation on Schlora. He knows his way around the streets of Schlora and the stars of space, and loves little more than to disprove the stereotype that male Shormans are weak or tame.

The World
The year is 2155. It has been approximately 100 Earth years since our planet was saved from economic collapse through the help of the Galactic Republic of Planets, a government of six species of spacefaring aliens. Now a part of the Republic, Earth received all the benefits of the massive empire's wealth, including the ability to travel between planets using wormholes, called Serik Gates. All seven species experienced a new golden age.

However, now the extent of the Republic's power is stretched over countless worlds, and it has begun to collapse under its own weight. New factions have appeared, each laying claim to their own planets and declaring independence. The galaxy has become a network of competing governments, businesses, and even massive criminal families. The Interplanetary Secession Force (IPSF) has begun to recruit planets for the movement to leave the GRP. The entire galaxy teeters on the brink of war, and the Republic is desperately attempting to maintain control.

In this infinite frontier, who will you be? Will you be a simple merchant, making their way from planet to planet selling exotic imports? Will you be a smuggler, moving merchandise of a less... legal variety? Will you sign up into the Galactic Military Police Force and dedicate yourself to crushing the terrorists that rebel against the Republic? A freedom fighter seeking independence from the oppressive and corrupt government?

The Aliens
The Shormans - A race of amphibious piscivores, the Shormans stand slightly shorter than a human. They have a broad head with three eyes and an array of fins. They have three legs with webbed feet, and a strong webbed tail for swimming. Although graceful underwater, they are somewhat impaired on land. Oddly enough, their underwater lifestyle allowed the Katamains to develop independently on the same planet. Shormans tend to be quiet and reserved. Their culture values politeness and generosity, so the Shormans are sometimes mockingly referred to by humans as, "Space Canadians." Shorman reproduce by laying eggs on the surface of the water and allowing the father to fertilize them, which means that they are raised without mothers. Shorman society is female-dominated, but men still do occasionally end up in power. And no, "Shormen" is not an acceptable pluralization.
The Katamains - Possibly the most stereotypically "alien" in appearance, the omnivorous Katamains have large heads with a set of three compound eyes and a pair of antennae. They also have a set of keratin flaps on the sides of their heads, called "tags" that come in many colors. Katamains have four arms and six jointed, insect legs. Because they have so many limbs, their brains have developed the ability to partition off autonomous sections. This means that they can use each part of their body independently with no loss in dexterity. Katamain culture is a stark contrast to Shorman values; This species is well known for their incredible parties and over-the-top personalities. Even if you go home with food poisoning from eating one too many Spiny Ketlishes, you'll never regret attending.
The Farbians - A race of short, bipedal, omnivorous canines, strongly resembling a fox. Technically straddling a fine line between two separate species, half of the Farbians adapted to life in the elaborate cave system below the surface, developing very strong night vision and black fur, and the other half adjusted to the harsh perpetual winter of the world above the caves, growing longer, white fur and sharper, more resolved vision. They can still interbreed, producing crosses between the two extremes. Both species have weak infrared vision as well. Farbians are often regarded as obnoxious, due to the lack of emphasis their culture places on manners, but they really just despise small talk.
The Chipi - These aliens are about the same size as the average human. They have five eyes in total: One huge, center eye, and four smaller eyes in a circle around, providing excellent depth perception. The Chipi tend to be weak physically, but they are very dextrous. They are also well-known for their resourcefulness. In fact, "Chipi-resourceful," depending on context, can mean either incredibly clever and intelligent or cunning and manipulative. Although the Chipi have long since learned agriculture, they are amazing hunters, and exotic hunting is one of the largest sports on their home planet.
The Arriak - A race of gargantuan herbivorous arthropods strongly resembling a praying mantis, the Arriak are a curious race. They communicate emotion not through facial expressions, but through humming or singing through a second mouth under their chin. This leads to many miscommunications, which keeps race relations tense. (Their frightening appearance does not help) Despite this, the Arriak are friendly enough, although many tend to keep to themselves. They place an extremely high value on art, both musical and visual. Their society also values the nuclear family, and is split into very tight social groups, consisting of only a few families.
The Kerriks - The last race to be accepted into the GRP, not including humans, the Kerriks are a race of extremely small, four-limbed batlike creatures. A fluke of evolution, logic dictates that natural selection should have wiped these small creatures off the face of the brutally hostile Kerra long ago. The planet is home to some of the deadliest animals in the galaxy. ("Kerra makes Earth's 'Australia' look like a kiddie pool." - Garrah Skell, GRP representative for Kerra) They have survived using their intellect and their ability to fly about the fray. Kerriks tend to be very hyperactive, and it doesn't help that they're very acceptable to caffeine addiction. The average Kerrik is practically the living embodiment of the "Absent Minded Professor" stereotype.
The Lacertians - Technically a part of the GRP, the Lacertians are often not included in the list. After being almost wiped out as collateral damage in the First Chipi War, they were offered acceptance but steadfastly refused. To this day they remain somewhat mysterious. A race of quadrupedal lizards, the Lacertians mostly keep to themselves. They have only colonized two planets outside their own solar system.

The Planets
A list of major planets. Smaller colonies and moonbases exist in each system, and many systems are not listed.
Green text indicates a GRP planet
Blue text indicates an IPSF controlled planet
Quann - A massive city takes up over 25% of the planet's surface, but the real feat of engineering lies in the underground labyrinthian metropolis called "Yoshtaka" - Undercity. Population is mostly Katamain and Shorman, with a smaller population of humans.
Schlora - Originally colonized to harvest the massive quantities of raw materials beneath the surface, Schlora soon became one of the largest and most powerful cities in the galaxy, widening its exports to become an interplanetary trading hub. However, about 113 years ago, the planet experienced a revolution, displacing the oligarchy that ruled it with their immense wealth. The power vacuum brought a series of gangs, drug cartels, and mafias into a place of extreme power. The planet is almost entirely run by criminals. Since it was never officially part of the GRP, the Republic refuses to offer help. Primarily Chipi and Farbian population.
Menta - A scientific research base initially established to research new applications for Serik wormhole technology, Menta quickly became a scientific powerhouse. The government contracts most of its research to its bases on this planet, making it a valuable target for terrorists. The increased security has been able to maintain order for now, but it is a tentative balance. Primarily populated by Kerriks, with a significant Human and Chipi population.
Tara - There are two habitable planets in the Tara system. In a curious turn of events, one supports the secessionist forces and the other favors the GRP. The resulting conflict keeps relations between the two planets extremely tense. Families and friends have been split by the political gap, and although both governments would like relations to remain positive, the stark contrast in political policy has kept them too far apart. Population is Farbian and Katamain.
Whittouch - One of the first planets colonized, Whittouch is a beautiful tropical planet, a popular vacation spot for all species, save for the Farbians, who cannot tolerate the higher temperatures. It is a rich planet very close to the GRP capital on Shorma Katama. Main population is Shorman, Katamain, and Human.
Gorrah - Fairly poor, this Chipi planet is a curious place. With an atmosphere destroyed by pollution and an orbit littered with space junk, it closely resembles Earth. Its chief export is technology, such as weapons and electronics, though it has its own system of standardization that means its products are not compatible with conventional systems. Despite their unreliability, Gorrah technology is some of the most powerful a person can get their hands on. Population is mostly Chipi with a few humans. They have remained neutral in the conflict between the GRP and the IPSF
Proma - A rich planet, home to the powerful electronics company, Scio Kio, Proma was independent, remaining neutral in the game of tug-of-war between the IPSF and the GRP until a few years ago. Seeking to maintain control, the GRP attempted to annex the planet, but it refused to acknowledge the Republic's claim. Now, shaken by the Republic's failed attempt to "steal" the planet, Proma has sided with the IPSF. Proma's main population is Kerrik and Arriak.
[Shorma-Katama] - The home planet of both the Shormans and the Katamains, it has become the capital of the Galactic Republic of Planets. In response to the threat of IPSF attacks, Shorma-Katama has massively increased security and military spending around its boarders. It is quite possibly the worst place to be a criminal. Population is, naturally, Shorman and Katamain. The Shormans live beneath the water, in massive underground cities, which have become a significant tourist attraction. (and therefore a dangerously viable terrorist target)
Farbia - A wholly uninteresting planet, Farbia is an arctic wasteland populated only by Farbians and the occasional human or Katamain. The planet's moon actually has a higher population, as it contains many valuable gems and minerals. The Farbians here are solitary creatures, living alone in their underground houses. Farbia is technically part of the GRP, but it is somewhat apathetic to both causes, preferring to stay safe on the sidelines.
Kerra - The Kerrik homeworld is an interesting planet. The local flora and fauna are all extremely dangerous, with life forms ranging from gigantic, firebreathing lizards (Not dragons) to trees with bark made of stone that drop extremely explosive fruits. Because the dense jungles make it an excellent place to hide, it has inadvertently become the headquarters of the IPSF. The Kerriks there don't mind, appreciating the income from taxing the weapons and building materials that the IPSF requisitions. There is also a high population of Arriak, because the high oxygen levels on the planet balance out their increased oxygen requirement.
Queseto - The Chipi homeworld, Queseto, provides quite a lot of support for the ISPF. Because the planet was originally captured by the GRP in the first place, its people would love little more than to see the ISPF gain them their independence. Queseto's environment is mostly desert and savannah, with some temperate forests around the equator.
Arrachus - The Arriak homeworld doesn't explicitly support the ISPF, but it resents the militaristic views of the GRP. The Arriak here think that both groups should work out their issues diplomatically, but they sympathize with the ISPF, rejecting the idea that having one government rule everyone with no appeal or rebellion, despite the advantages. The Arriak planet resembles Kerra in atmosphere, containing high quantities of oxygen, allowing the evolution of extremely massive arthropods, the Arriak included. For this reason, many of them live here, though a few live in other locations. They cannot tolerate the atmosphere of Earth or Gorrah, however.
Sol (Earth) - The human home planet, referred to as Sol by most, is in a poor state. Damaged by pollution and war, it was on the brink of description before the GRP saved it. Sol's people are grateful for the GRP's assistance in providing relief efforts, and sympathize strongly with them, but most humans have moved away to smaller colonies. Humans are the most ambitiously expansive of the races, and have spread themselves across the galaxy in only a hundred years. However, the strongest human population remains on Sol. Human technology is rugged by comparison to the lasers and pulse weapons that most other species use, but their kinetic weapons are extremely powerful, making them a favorite for illegal weapon dealers.

The Archives
This section is where we will keep events that occur in our roleplay. It will be updated regularly to provide new or returning players a summery of current events.
Yo, I made a game with lasers and spaceships and bounty hunters and conspiracies and teleporters and aliens.
I probably should have mentioned the aliens first.
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Re: Serik - A collaborative science fiction RPG

Postby HwoThumb » April 27th, 2014, 5:52 pm

Latest News from Hilya Press
Tensions continue to mount between the Galactic Republic of Planets and the Interplanetary Secession Force. IPSF leader Tseto Calaha has once again refused to accept the GRP's authority over Proma. When asked about the allegations of terrorist attacks against the GRP, Calaha responded, "The IPSF demands that the GRP acknowledge Proma as its own government. While we discourage our members from resorting to violence, if the Republic continues to infringe upon the rights of Proma and the other planets of the IPSF, we will fight back. That being said, the IPSF denies any affiliation with any terrorist groups..."

This morning,a Farbian by the name of Theole Crax was found murdered in his apartment in the Taya district of Schlora. Crax was an aspiring politician who promised reform and a planetary crackdown on the gangs and cartels that dominate the planet. "It's really sad," remarked a citizen we interviewed on the subject, "But nobody's really surprised. You don't fight the gangs and live long." The GRP claims that this recent assassination is further proof that the IPSF cannot supervise and take control of the planets whose freedom it seeks to secure. However, the IPSF contests that if the Republic had provided proper relief efforts to Schlora after the Great Revolution, it would not be in such a state to begin with...
Yo, I made a game with lasers and spaceships and bounty hunters and conspiracies and teleporters and aliens.
I probably should have mentioned the aliens first.
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