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Make Your Own Stand

Postby ShinyHoundoom229 » October 9th, 2014, 5:33 pm

I wasn't sure if I should post this in Forum Games or TV and Movies but I'm posting it here because this is my main board.

I've become a fan of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ever since I took the time to actually read the manga and watch both the anime and the '93 OVA. If you haven't seen, read, or heard of it, I'd recommend you do. Anyway, this thread is about one of the series' biggest aspects: Stands.

Stands are visions manifested by one's life force and shaped based on their personality. They are called Stands because they "stand" next to you. They come in a variety of forms and posses incredible powers; from DBZ-style combat ability to time manipulation, and everything in between.

Basically, this thread is for posting what you'd like your Stand to be. Here's a small template to work with...

Spoiler! :
Personality (If any):

...and here's a link to the Jojo Wiki page about Stands if you need more info:

Since most Stands are broken even by Jojo standards, feel free to go crazy with your Stands.

Here's mine.
Spoiler! :
Name: Snoop Dogg
Power: E
Speed: A
Range: 100m
Precision: A
Durability: E
Development: B
Appearance: Imagine Blade Wolf from Revengence but with an actual dog head, like a German Shepard's.

Powers/Abilities: I have telepathy powers that work only on dogs. Dogs will also obey my every order, regardless of training, lack thereof, or any diseases that might screw with it's minds (i.e. rabies). My reflexes and instincts are also above that of normal humans: to the point where my body will act faster than my mind and my gut feelings are never wrong.

Snoop Dogg itself can communicate with animals and their Stands if they have them, but not with humans and their Stands. It can, however, read the minds of humans and even their Stands if they have a consciousness. Snoop Dogg has an acute sense of smell several thousand times stronger than a dog's. It can also remember every scent it has ever caught wind of and can train its nose on very faint scents that even high-tech machines can't detect. These powers allow it to track down scents that have long since dispersed.

We share a hivemind that allows us to access each others thoughts. Although we can't speak to each other, we can understand each other though the hivemind. We can also see and hear what each other are in real time by closing our eyes and focusing. This leaves us vulnerable and only one of us can use this power at a time.

Due to its weak offense and defense, Snoop Dogg is a poor fighter. It can, however, parry virtually any attack and reflect projectiles with its tail and can run circles around enemies with ease. It is more suitable to tracking due to its range and the combination of my and its powers.

Personality: Snoop Dogg is naturally suspicious of strangers and on guard when around them, but is playful and friendly with those he is familiar with. He also has a fondness for children and small animals. He will occasionally disobey my orders to interact with them and will go all out on anyone who hurts them.
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