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Crossover Dating Service

Postby mikemacdee » March 17th, 2015, 7:40 pm

Null over at the Webcomic Underdogs came up with this forum game, and I think it's really neat, but it didn't go very far over there. I'm curious if it will take off better here.

Here's how it works:

1) The first person picks three characters from their comic(s) and writes a personal ad for each of them using the template below, without revealing the name of said characters. You don't have to include information that you or the character don't know, but filling out as many items as possible is ideal. Naturally you want to fill them out however you think the character(s) would fill them out, themselves -- don't just list off the data, give it their personality! All three ads are posted here in the thread, in a single post.

Candidate #1

Relationship Status:

In Search Of:

Gender and Sexual Orientation:




Belief System:

Date of Birth:


Blood Type:

Time Line:

What would be your ideal date scenario?

2) The next poster reads the three personals, and has a character from his/her own comic reply to one of the ads thusly:
[Insert your character here] from [webcomic link here,] would like to go out on a date with candidate #[insert the number of your preferred candidate.]

Once Step 2 is concluded, the next person who wants to post their personals may do so. This is just to keep the thread organized.

3) The OP sends a PM to the person who replied and reveals who the candidate is (if the OP gets multiple replies, he/she can choose who the character goes on a date with). They discuss what things the characters will do on the date, and flip a coin to randomly determine if their character enjoyed that part of the date or not (so they both won't necessarily enjoy themselves). For example, they might go to dinner, then a movie, then a dive bar.

4) Both participants write a blog, make a comic, or use whatever medium they choose to dramatize their character's perspective of how the date went.

5) The participants PM the results to each-other to make sure everything looks good. Then they post links to the results here in the thread, and anywhere else they choose. Be sure to credit your partner and provide a link to their character's comic.

The game's purpose is as a sort of collaborative writing exercise. I'll go first.


Candidate #1

Relationship Status: Single

In Search Of: Male human between 21 and 31 earth years for impromptu human dating ritual study. Preferably someone cute and playful.

Gender and Sexual Orientation: F, Open to Suggestion

Interests: Science, lore, the study of living organisms and their societies, singing, dancing

Likes: Cute pets, interesting books/movies, robots, warm beaches, fruity (alcoholic) drinks

Dislikes: bureaucracy, boring paperwork, having my freedom restrained, disorganization, things that cause pain

Belief System: Order of Millia the Infinity, patron of logic, science, and machinery.

Date of Birth: Possibly last year around mid-January (earth time), but I've been cloned two other times that I know of.

Time Line: Whenever (see Date of Birth)

What would be your ideal date scenario? One that encompasses all aspects of a typical human dating ritual. Fun would be nice, too!

Candidate #2

Relationship Status: Single, dead, and headless

In Search Of: Spunky men who like dead girls with removable heads. Age/mortality is pretty much irrelevant I guess.

Gender and Sexual Orientation: Female, straight

Interests: Music, animals, fantasy

Likes: good beer, puzzles, clever quips

Dislikes: know-it-alls, drug addicts, gamblers, people who say "literally" instead of "totally" or "actually"

Belief System: Agnostic (yeah, despite being dead)

Sign: Libra

Blood Type: Negative. As in "none."

Time Line: Modern day

What would be your ideal date scenario? Anything that'd rattle this dead girl's bones again.

Candidate #3

Relationship Status: Single

In Search Of: Sweet and funny single dude somewhere around 25. Younger is okay I guess, as long as you're legal. Must not be intimidated by athletic, non-girly chicks.

Gender and Sexual Orientation: F, straight (I did kiss a girl once tho, so I guess it's up in the air)

Interests: Martial arts, action movies, Jazz, Blues, guns, surfing, nature, baseball

Likes: friendly peeps, dancing, Asian food, hamburgers, spending the day on the beach / at a park / in the woods, martial arts competitions, and boooooze!

Dislikes: rude assholes, bullies, kim chi, vodka, bottled beer, girly shit, sexism (for boys or girls), racism

Belief System: Atheist, raised Baptist

Date of Birth: April Fool's Day, 1991

Time Line: Right now

What would be your ideal date scenario? A day at the beach, maybe dinner at a beachside restaurant, then drinks at a pub or club in the evening. Or any fun outdoor thing, I'm not picky, just no negging or creepy shit.
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