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Draw the Prompt Above

Postby lalaland » September 8th, 2017, 9:07 pm

For a site full of artists, we don't have a whole lot of forum games that are drawing based. D: Hopefully there are more SJ users out there that would like to see more. :] I've seen this game on other art sites, and thought I'd see if people want to try it here.

How to play: The person above posts a prompt for the next poster to draw. The next person posts the completed image and gives a new drawing prompt to the next poster. Rinse and repeat.

Here are the rules:
  • You must complete the prompt of the user above before making your own prompt.
  • You can call dibs on the prompt above. However, you must complete the prompt within 24 hours or it becomes a free-for-all again.
  • Don't ask for the person below to draw your characters for you.
  • Don't ask them to draw a specific character from a movie/book/tv-show (basically, no fanart).
  • From the forum rules: Do not embed huge images. Images over 700x700 pixels must be linked to instead of directly embedded.

Prompt for next poster:
Draw a character from your comic/story eating their favorite food.
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