How should I orientate my comic?

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How should I orientate my comic?

Postby TrixxedHeart » December 9th, 2018, 3:01 am

I'm new to everything and all but I've been wondering. I want to do horizontal single pages for everything instead of individual panels, akin to Ava's Demon.

Would this look fine? or would it appear too off?
How bad would it look for mobile users?

Any and all help is appreciated!
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Re: How should I orientate my comic?

Postby eishiya » December 9th, 2018, 8:32 am

This orientation and this size (1000px wide) should be fine for desktop users. Mobile users will probably need to turn their device to landscape orientation to keep it from being small. It might lose you some mobile readers who keep up with the comic since they might not want to turn their screen just for one update, instead you'll probably have mobile readers binging your comic, returning to it every few months to catch up on a bunch of updates at once.
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Re: How should I orientate my comic?

Postby TrixxedHeart » December 9th, 2018, 7:24 pm

The entire thing but the first introduction is gonna be horizontal. but I'd be rather fine with mobile users returning every few months.

Thanks !
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Re: How should I orientate my comic?

Postby MaruExposito » December 22nd, 2018, 8:29 pm

My comic was like that for a while (panel by panel, horizontal) and I experienced what Eishiya was saying.
Most users do not turn the screen horizontal unless they read it in a row. They like it a lot, once some panels are updated.

The biggest issue, in that case, is how fast the user internet is and how fast your website loads. Waiting for a new page to load for every single panel turned out to be a huge turnover.. Especially at the beginning when there was not a lot of pages yet.

However, in sites like Tapas and similar publishers, horizontal is ok. People has the reminder of updates and the speed is fast enough. Panel by panel updates brings more engagement overall.
The problem occurred mostly on my own website. People would just forget about it.

For my own website, I decided to change that a month ago and so far people are reacting well to it. Now, I collect 3 horizontal panels per page. Readers can't get as much detail as before (pages would be huge otherwise) but they have a bit more story. I noticed how new readers stay longer than before once they find about the comic. Even the newsletter subscription increased.

Summary: Consider doing what is best for your readers. If you are making a comic, it is most likely because you want someone to read it. BUT, that decision must be supported by the type of story and your own style as well. Especially if you don't enjoy vertical settings, and/or the story is not suited for it, stik to horizontal.

I hope this helps! :D Good luck
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