Zombie Apocalpse Team

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Zombie Apocalpse Team

Postby ShinyHoundoom229 » May 25th, 2013, 4:11 pm

I just recently watched a full LP of Dead Rising 1 &2, Case West, and Off The Record, and now I've got zombies on the brains. I've been pondering about what combination of characters would make the best zombie apocalypse team and found out about this here ZAT sheet:


I decided to make one and post it here along with a small list of positive attributes for each member of my team of why I chose them for their role. Anyone is free to do the same.

Spoiler! :

Captain America
>Is a reliable and level-headed leader
>Has superhuman strength and agility
>In addition to his shield, he is skilled in physical combat and with firearms

>Is an incredibly strong and skilled warrior capable of taking on armies single-handed
>Possesses a large collection of swords, several of them being famous FF blades
>Has multiple arms, allowing him to wield up to 8 of them at a time

>Has a extensive arsenal of weapons and gadgets, most of which don't require ammo
>Knows how to use each one to his and the team's advantage in various situations
>Triforce of Courage allows him to pick up virtually any weapon and master it instantly, which could possibly include firearms

Tony Stark (Armored Adventures)
>Is a teenaged super genius
>Has an Iron Man suit; can possibly make more for entire team if resources are found
>Ironically is more mature and responsible than his adult self

>In addition to her healing magic, she can summon Aeons to defend the team
>Is capable of using firearms when magic isn't an option
>Her various dresspheres increase the diversity of her arsenal

Roy Mustang
>Can create flames to roast large hoards of zombies in an instant
>His fire alchemy requires no ammo
>Can blow up propane tanks and gas stations from a distance, perfect for distractions and sneak attacks

>Is an able fighter and swordsman
>Has the ability to turn a grocery list into the most inspirational speech ever made
>He's Kamina, damnit. FUCKING KAMINA!

>His likable personality would cause his death to have a huge impact on the rest of the team
>Being a Bob-omb, his death would be big, flashy, and memorable
>He would finally be reunited with his true love, Scarlette, which would be very touching
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Re: Zombie Apocalpse Team

Postby TheTC » November 18th, 2013, 1:42 pm

Spoiler! :
Leader: Omega Kirby or Quirby64_:D : Why either of them? I trust them both, and they seem level-headed and calm. Plus, they're my friends.
Brawler: Probably Bowser (he'd probably wise up in these scenearios). Why? He's strong, tough, and that shell can survive almost anything!
Weapons Expert: Phineas and Ferb. Why? Because they're smart, work with what they've got, and build some awesome weapons!
Brains: Tails. He's smart, can fly, and would probably like to get away from Super Sonic for a while...
Medic: Kurie. Check the KDA site's cast and credits to see why.
Speed Fighter: Kirby! He can suck the enemies into his belly and not get infected!
Mascot: Probably 8-) because he's keeping his "cool"!
Guy Who Dies First: Goomba. He'd probably die one way or another.
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