Beginner artist looking for a project to work on

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Beginner artist looking for a project to work on

Postby Spiritwolffy » October 31st, 2017, 10:26 am

I'm a beginner animal artist looking for a writer again for an easy, fun project (like Stupid Fox or Simon's Cat but they are just examples). Unfortunately, I'm really bad if it comes to stories so it would be great to have someone to work with and make something funny. I have a Disney-like animal style, however, I'm not able to draw human characters.
The project should be something not that difficult to do: long stories with hyper-realistic characters and fully-detailed backgrounds are not an option for now. It's not a paid job and you don't have to be an experienced writer with a ton of projects behind your back but please be able to show some stories (don't have to be a comic) you wrote before (or something you want to see as a comic but it's not necessary to have an actual story you want to make)

You can also check my style here:
And there's a test animation: ... FhKUkxGNEk
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Re: Beginner artist looking for a project to work on

Postby SiriusLeeLost » November 14th, 2017, 2:14 pm

Yo, if you are still weighing your options for fantasy adventure stories, I have a Game of Thrones-ish story I've been working on. If ya interested in knowing more, hit me up.

Here is a lil example of my work. One link takes you to my writing format and the other takes you to a patreon page where you can get a free download to a game that I'm the lead story writer to :)
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