Artist/Writer looking for collab for Webtoon Contest unpaid?

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Artist/Writer looking for collab for Webtoon Contest unpaid?

Postby mg_art17 » July 19th, 2018, 3:59 pm

Good afternoon,

I don't expect anything because of the fact of this being unpaid, I apologize for that fact in advance, but let's see If any of you would be willing to make some kind of partnership.

I'm participating in the Webtoon Contest 2018 aiming to become a featured author, meaning I care more about Round 1.

WEBTOON LINK: ... _no=205189

You can check my comic above, to see If it's worth your time.

I have been a bit inactive in SmackJeeves, but not in other sites haha

The story is basically about two characters. The protagonist is Li Mei, a girl forced to disguise as a man to serve as an spy for her Empire. She has to go to a military Academy and act in a discrete manner. She will also be involved in spionage, intrigue and war.

The other important character is Ishida. He's from a town in the enemy Empire, though by chance he will end up in the same military Academy. His Country will be at war with Mei's.

As you can see this story is set in a fictional setting very inspired in Medieval China. There is romance, treason, action and drama.

This is a complex story I have been developing for years, but just recently have been learning storytelling so there have been major modifications. It's outlined but not detailed, so there is space for new ideas. There will be lots of characters, and evil and bad aren't clear until a certain point. I want people to also like the villains, most of them at least.

I'm following a Rocky kind of structure, meaning you first get to know the characters before the inciting incident that changes their life, more or less. This is risky but there are already lots of other comics starting right away with the exciting sad drama. I want readers to like my characters first, so they really do feel pain and happiness for them later.


If you take a look at my work and you still consider it worth it. I want to win, so I will have to study and improve my art as much as possible for next updates. I try to follow a mindset " Be so good nobody can ignore you", though of course it's limited by the amount of skill I possess, I still work very hard and I'm being serious about it.

I write, color, draw and market. I usually work alone, so I'm a bit of a control freak, but I'm willing to leave that to the side,
So here are things you can help me with, If you're interested in any of them:

* Flat Coloring
* Backgrounds If you're better than me
* Writing Consultation
* If you're interested in other, as in a partnership, feel free to tell me


* Of course, If we win, the prize will be divided with justice (equally isn't the same as justice, it's more about we talking about it and see the workload each person brings to the table)

* If we don't bring the prize from first Round there are a few options:

* Me paying the favour back for two months, meaning I will help you with your own work for two months. The same amount of time you would be working with me for free. Be aware that I will do for you what you do for me, If you flat colored two pages, I will flat color two pages in exchange.

* Obviously I would give credit to you anywhere you feel necessary, obviously the Webtoon but I will promote your work in Instagram, too.

As it is for free, I can't really expect much from you. I would love just two things:
1. RESPECT OUR TIME: If you're busy or don't feel like doing the work, that's perfectly ok. Just be honest and tell me right away, please. Also If you're doing the work but you take 3 weeks in one page, let me know or just send it as it is If I ask you to.
2. QUALITY: I don't ask you to be perfect by any means, but yes a good amount of effort. If you do this I would be assuming you're doing it because of the chances and maybe because you love this. As I will return the favour to you If we don't win.

You can leave the partnership anytime you want, I just want a clear communication. I'm still going to do most of it on my own (If not, all of it) so I would love to trust you.

Thank you for reading, I hope the terms seem ok and that I provide enough information! >.<
Any other questions, feel free to ask

My mail is
But I will check here as well
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Re: Artist/Writer looking for collab for Webtoon Contest unp

Postby kayotics » July 19th, 2018, 4:07 pm

I hope you find someone to help you out! I'm currently too busy for a project like this, but you have a really clear list of expectations and a realistic idea of the type of work a partnership will take.

Good luck on your contest entry, and I hope you find someone to assist you in winning.
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Re: Artist/Writer looking for collab for Webtoon Contest unp

Postby mg_art17 » July 19th, 2018, 10:36 pm

Thank you very much ^^ Also for the feedback
Good luck with your work!
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