Work Submission

Before posting your work, please check out our recommended dimensions for comic covers and chapters to ensure it is uploaded successfully.

Steps to submit work:

1. Register as a member of Smack Jeeves.

2. Go to Comic Management from your user avatar.

3. Click +New Comic and you will be directed to your Comic Profile.

4. Please make sure you have all the required fields in order to post your comic. If you are unable to fill in every detail, be sure to save so you can proceed where you last left off.

*Refer to the image below for a detailed explanation of each field.

5. When you post your work successfully, you will be asked to authenticate your email for your first comic before you can upload any chapters.

1. Work Title (Required: Maximum 50 characters)

2. Comic Cover (Required dimensions: 360x480px (width/height = 3:4). JPG format Up to 300 KB.)

3. Users can select up to 3 genres to categorize their comics. This will enable readers to discover comics within categories of interest.

4. Main Genre: Your work will appear in Discover Genre based on the main genre selected.

5. Rating: Mature rating contains any adult content not suitable for minors. If your comic is categorized as mature, please note that it will not be displayed in our App due to restriction policies.

6. Orientation: There are 2 main formats to publish your web comic in. You can view the examples in the thumbnail while uploading your comic. With the newly introduced vertical scroll, users can view an entire chapter with a continuous scroll. Our webcomic management enables the stitching of multiple images based on the order of it being uploaded. Horizontal Flip is our traditional format of comics, where each image uploaded will be presented on its own page.

7. Status: The status of your comic will be displayed in a label to enable users to better understand which stage your comic is in.

8. Description: Add a summary of your comic to gain the interest of readers.

9. Tags: Use tags to label your comic so readers can find it. There is a limit of 10 tags.

10. Link to the guideline for recommended dimensions is available.

11. If you are not ready to publish your work, you can choose to save it instead of posting it.

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