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Regarding the nature of content that may be posted on or through the Website, generally speaking, material that would fit into the MPAA's "Rated R" category and below (PG-13, G, etc.) is allowed on Smack Jeeves website, provided it and/or its posting complies with all other terms and conditions of our Terms of Use. Material that is clearly not suitable for minors requires the activation of the Mature Content warning, which you can select in Comic Management. Material that would be considered legally obscene, including the depiction of child pornography, is explicitly banned from Smack Jeeves. Comics that present material with great (or sole) priority and importance placed on evoking sexual arousal from the audience while lacking substantial quality in art, focus or presentation on other topics of interest [ie: romance, comedy, etc] are liable to be removed for bearing too close a resemblance to pornographic material rather than a comic that tackles adult subject matters.If your comic is categorized as mature, please note that it will not be displayed in our app due to restriction policies. Content that has been designated appropriate for mature audiences will not be displayed on our app.
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