Work Submission

Follow these three steps to share your art!

Step 1. Prepare required image files 

Step 2. Create comic profile

Step 3. Upload chapters 

Step 1:Prepare required image files

You will need three images to register your comic: cover, chapter thumbnail, and chapters.

1: Comic Cover

Please register one cover for each comic.

It will be displayed in various lists such as rankings. 

[Cover Image Guideline]

Dimension Requirements: 360x480px (width/height = 3:4)

Size: 300 KB or less

File format: JPG, PNG

2: Chapter Thumbnail

Please register one per chapter.

It will be displayed on the chapter list of your comic.

[Chapter Thumbnail Image Guideline]

Dimension Requirements: 360x480px (width/height = 3:4)

Size: 300 KB or less

File format: JPG, PNG

3: Chapter

This is the actual comic episode.

[Chapter Image Guideline]

Maximum Size: 1024x20000px

Size: 2MB or less

Format: JPG, PNG

You can add multiple images as long as they satisfy the following limits.

Size: 20MB in total

Pages: Up to 10 pages

Multiple images are automatically joined together.

Register in the order you want the reader to read.

Step 2. Create comic profile

Once the required images are ready, you can complete the following form.

1: Title

Please register the title of your comic. 

Character Limit: 50.

2: Comic Cover

Upload cover prepared in Step 1.          

3: Genre

Up to 3 genres can be selected. At least one should be chosen. 

4: Main Genre

Please select the one best suited for the comic.

5: Rating

Choose 18 or older (WEB only) for works that contain mature content.

6: Orientation

Please select the one best suited for the comic.

7: Status

Is this the last chapter of the story?

8: Co-Author

Display other artists who collaborated with you on this comic.

9: Description (Optional)

You can enter a brief introduction to your comic.

Character Limit: 1000. 

10: Tag (Optional)

You can assign extra tags that represent your comic. Tags will help your comic appear in more search results.

Character Limit for Tag: 20.

Max 10 tags.

The posted date and time will be the work release date. If you do not wish to post the story immediately please click Save button. Even after registration, you can change by using the Edit button of each chapter in your chapter list from Comic Management page.

Step 3.Upload Chapters

Let's register comic images and the title and post a story. You can add your comments to readers for each episode. 

1: Chapter Title

Enter title of the chapter.

Character Limit: 50.

2: Thumbnail

Upload comic thumbnail prepared in Step 1.

3: Upload Image

Select the original you prepared in Step 1 and upload it. 

You can check display results on the confirmation screen.

4: Publish

Select Publish if you'd like to make the chapter immediately available to readers. Otherwise, select Unpublished.

5: Author's Comment (Optional)

You can write a message to readers.

If you do not enter anything, the comment will be blank. 

Character Limit: 400.

Even if it is private, the posted date and time will be the publication date. If you do not want to immediately open up the story, please click Save button so you do not lose your work up to this point. Even after publication, you can still make edits to your comic chapters.

Summary of submission guideline

1. Comic Profile

TitleGenreDescription (Optional)
Input Limit50 Characters400 characters1000 characters

2. Chapter Profile

Chapter TitleAuthor's Comment (optional)Tag (Optional)
Input Limit50  characters400 characters

20 characters/

Up to 10 tags can be registered

3. Image

Image SizeCapacity LimitFormat
Comic Cover

360x480px (width/height =3/4)


 Within 300 KB





360x480px (width/height =3/4)


Within 300 KB



ChapterUnder 1024x20000px

2MB per image

*With total less than 20MB



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