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Is that some salsa/bachata moves i see there? 8D

Plz Mika go on boy, go booty flirt with yo man :3 (Anthony don't be surprised, you were the one implying he was talented 8D)
@YolkenEgg: Why can't we like comments here?? D: So unfair! (aka I agree with your statement)
I'm a bit late since you posted this page but... Latino dance is so sexy, madre de dios, please draw more of them like this <3 (a shame i can't be that sexy while dancing salsa or bachata cause i can't stop being shy over guys even after 2 years of practice :/ )
January 10th, 2017
@Sailorfrill: I won't mind either in the future, you can ask me for translation later on too don't worry ^^. Could you just send me the dialog via pm for this page plz? It will be easier for you and for me ^^'
January 8th, 2017
Indeed, it looks funky for a french reader like me XD But i can help you change the translation if you like, i don't mind ^^ (i've already done it for the writer of "Love or Blood" for example ^^)...

Good story btw, go on like this :3 (i like vampire and fantasy stories so 8'D)
Omai, the tail subject ô_ô! He finally remembers that no pants = tail showing XD (but i want to see your tail too, Kris ;^; ! you meanie!)
@Mirror_Heart: Remember that he's supposed to have a tail, so maybe that's why he didn't take off his pants before joining his Silver under the shower (that or he chose to walk in before changing his mind XD), and why he doesn't want his pants off ^^'. He's very fidgy about his tail after all XD
September 23rd, 2015
I don't think giving Ever a hickey is the best solution ever to have him XD. Particularly when he'll be able to see it in the mirror! ô_ô More reasons to stay away from--wait, he always fails at staying away from Vince D':
September 16th, 2015
You mean... you mean Cimbrius is royalty. I must have missed something <_< >_>...

CLAUDIUS PLEASE BUY ALL LEFT CIMBRIAN FAMILY FOR YOUR COLLECTION. Those two are too cute (and desesperate) to be slaves to another man... and i think it would be some kind of pressure for Cimbrius to bend to you (almost) willingly 8D *bam*
@Daywalker: I have the same feeling e___e
... Holy shit. I'm listening to this song atm, and... it totally fits with this page XD Hey you're the one i like, i wanna share your love tonight~ Let's bangbangbang~ <3 --->

Anyways, yay, update \o/ Kaito gogogo, make your man crazy with those most sexiest hips movements of yours <3 (but... don't like this "whatever happens" from Shuno U': )
Nuuhh, no tears ;^; Your BF is here to take care of--wait, now Dake is only a friend??? U:<
@charlieaudern: Ca peut l'être, mais un flashback très proche U: il lui a quand même dit qu'il était toujours aussi chatouilleux au même endroit XD" A moins que ça soit il y a loooooongtemps, pendant une deuxième rencontre avant qu'il perde la mémoire. OU ALORS.... C'était un rêve érotique =D

Anyways... Let's wait for next page U': *is hurting too*
... I think someone told the boss Shuno was messing with his job UUU: *shakes wasted fish*

Wut? A knife behind my back? Where? '____'
.... My mind just recognized your drawing style XD Knew there was a link between here and Sacrifices ô_ô.

*slaps the boy* Why did you say "Master Mea?" when an ennemy searching exactly for your dear master is here, huh?! UU:

Anyways... can't wait for the next update <3 Take your time alright, but still <33