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@Drifter: Or the tongue is resisting an attack of Rosaline's.
@Drifter: Yeah the tower across the river is The Falling Tower.
@Guest: It was a typo, the word was supposed to be 'made'.
@Luminous lead: Oh no!! Smoking isn't supposed to be cool. DON'T SMOKE KIDS.
@Drifter: There's a difference between letting your mom know you're gay and announcing your fantasies in front of her.
@Radical Dreamer: Saying landlords are bad is a systemic critique. Not all landlords are evil but there are incentives in the system that encourage bad behavior and not enough checks to redress the wrongs done by those in power.

More Information
On The Media's Eviction Series crisis

John Oliver on Mobile homes

Cities Skylines Power, Politics & Planning Pt1
@Fittik : 1. Firefighters also have bills to pay, but no one in any civilized country will die in a fire because they cannot afford to pay them.

2. Landlords by and large do not create wealth, they merely extract wealth from others in exchange for access to a piece of land they did not create.

3. The landlord's right to profit is not greater than the tenant's right to live.

For a more in-depth analysis please consider this video by Philosophy Tube
@Anna: Nope, as far as I recall there aren't any people with horns in 70-Seas.
I believe there was a cat on the bulletin board in Titan.
@Cathode: Hey, I got no problem with "patronizing".
I've been slipping on comic production for the last few weeks so I'm afraid that the backer strips are coming a little early this month.
The truth about Jane's girlfriend is available in the LK side story Snake Bile & Honey.
@Guest: Like Kingdom Hearts 356/2 Days, the slash is pronounced as "over". Ergo; Crystal CODE X II Pi Over Seven Noons (Revised)
@Karl: Actually it's supposed to say "Veronica's Innuendo" but that first bit got covered up.
@someone: Whoops, sorry about that, I accidentally uploaded the HD version.
Yes, they are reused.
Heads up: I have guests visiting in the near future so the updates for the next couple of weeks are going to be a little lighter than normal.
If you're reading this the day I posted it then you should know that I'm streaming!!
@Mocha: I meant that more as a Rock-a-Billy Rosaline.
This second part of two guest comics comes courtesy of Dragon Kai!

Check out their comic:

and Patreon:

A new full-color chapter starts up next week!