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I suggest that you read Charming, it's getting good and it has the best art from me so far.
I am interested in trading for Charming cameos.
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Man, just eating a whole stick like that.
Frick, which one was this....
:/ I saw this one, I think.
Top Right panel is me when I watch my brother play the game.
Time for a little redemption
@jellyfishin: Some of them do, but I only named like 4 of them so far. :/ The other pun one is very subtle, but you'll get 10 charming coins if you can tell me what the pun is.

(Charming coins are a digital currency currently not worth any monetary value. Charming coins can be used to make bargains with the author for various things. Shhhh, it's a secret to everybody.)
As he stared at the burrito he thought to himself:
"Bacteria has no doubt already formed on this burrito because I have failed to keep it inside the critical containment temperature."
@Ian Evans: Haha, that was perfect!
If you look closely, you can see the word "guilty" written in Laturia and Ged's hair.
Zombie spell? :/ Hmmmmmm
@J.T.Hoff: add a comma before traveler. "till next time, traveler!

Let me know if you find these comments annoying, I could just PM you any errors I find if you'd prefer it.
"There" to "They're."
Found another 2 in the same panel.

It looks like it says "Malted" rather than "Melted"

Also "Sell" to "Sold"

:) If you need someone to run any pages by before uploading, I'd love to be of service.
Oh, found another one for ya.
"You pull through, son."
change to
"You'll pull through, son."
"You pulled through, son."
DA DA DA DA! You got a fairy! Set it to < ^ or > to heal 8 hearts.
@Cope: Whoa, you've been at this for even longer than I have! It's awesome to have some of this stuff dug up, you can bet I'll at least take a peek at it.
I learned a new word today, thanks to you.
That was a good chapter.
What about that warrior guy who likes you, Masako?
@Cope: Oooooh, okay. It did feel like it had appeared out of nowhere. It's cool to have more to read, even if it's older. Maybe you'll even redraw it someday. I'd love to have this in book form sometime.
Also to compare. All your characters are at least 90 percent sexier than their originals.
You're a legend, my dude.