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I love how Ragnok scolds Jeriko like he's a dog who's getting in the trash or going to town on someone's leg. My mum actually had dog named Jeriko in the past, so that makes it even better for me.
I love that full-body shot of Bianco. It looks so natural...
Damn. Nice suits.
Dake totally isn't hoping for round 2, no sir.
O love how honestly the dude answered their question. XD
Angel is adorable and I love them.
Flordia Man: truly the dad we all need.
Haha, I love the locker room dudes.
June 13th, 2019
Ooh, pretty colors.
June 13th, 2019
Easy there, bud. You're scaring the marshmallow.
*cue George Takei*
Aww. They need all of the hugs.
I love this page on so many levels.
Cool bird ahoy!
Those abs, tho
That expression in the second panel is giving me Jojo vibes. XD

Also, welcome back!
I did NOT need that thought in my head...
I do agree, though--it is a good question.
@corienne: Exactly. Let's hope we're right... There are already too many creepy Flordia men running around.