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An artist, writer and a crazy cat lady to put it short.
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Will someone help her?
Listen to your mother.
The map of Mekaht.
A new chapter!
Tameka finally gets to tell Keith the truth about her, but will he believe her?
Hey! Long time no see. New pages out.
Hey everyone! I hope you have a nice Valentine's day! Remember today is the day we start harvesting souls...I mean... we hug our loved ones or something... :|

Ah well...Take care!
She can't go to sleep now! There's just too much to do.

And how is Keith going to react to this wild information?
It's just a formality on his part...
*Gasp!* He caught it! He's not bleeding either... That's not good.
He's a little obsessed about killing, now isn't he?
It's always fun drawing action scenes! I hope you enjoy!
First update of the new year! Really excited about these pages.
Alright...I'm supposed to be on hiatus but I couldn't help but create the cover for chapter 3! I love it so much! More to come soon!
End of Chapter 2!
Finally got caught up with the other websites with chapter two, yay! This is the last page and now I'm going on a mini hiatus! Give me about a month or so (probably less when reading this) to get back into chapter 3! During my hiatus I will be working on chapter 3 from time to time but not posting anything. I must prioritize my personal life at the moment. Thank you for reading this far and take care!
Just shut up! All of you!
We begin...