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That face, "Oh no, gotta run!" :D
Oh this bit! I remember it educating me on what "something terrible" could mean. ;)
So that's where our heat went! ;)
Desperate Doctor Dynamis! </3
Aww! Yup. This is how it is. Arts are hard.
@Alexis_Royce: Ah, yeah, that makes a ton of sense, actually. It would be impossible to show he died in this genre.

And yeah, thanks for not doing the other kind of showing he died! XD

(Can't reply, except to my own posts. ;)
September 25th, 2019
Yay! Lovely little story! ^.^
You know, the leaders of these countries are kinda cheapskates, for world leaders. No free drinks (served by tailcoated waiters,) and everyone's fine with that.
Tough times for Prezzie.

And Lheticus comment has me looking forward to things!
So that's how that song got written.
Haha! Someone did ask for a Mexican Lemon Kid.
;.; <3 ;.;
Oooh! Now I know why Hobo ... ... ... :D
I was traumatized too! Even though I've read it before! XD
I love the little sciency bits in this comic ^.^
Nim! <3

Huh... I wonder if she knows there's something about Assistant, like Yellow does. Nim's nice tho.
Knowing who he is now, this is really sweet!
LOL! Everyone's attitude in this comic! XD

And then there's Madam Prez. With those rainbows, she's like Obama; everyone thought they were voting for a black man, but he turned out to be a politician instead. (And what does everyone call her when she's not in power, anyway? O'wait, this is like Assistant's name, isn't it? XD)