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The arts
He lick him peenie weenie
Man, he described my diarrheic episodes
D: poor Faye and Faustino
i hate to be a grammar nazi, but you used the wrong too in "running off to far" you would use too instead of to
florida man is my favorite antihero
England and those who inhabit it are inferior
I want is boss to raw me
His joints must pop in a most beautiful way
Homeboy on the stairs' body is fucky
That moment when your eye is a bug
Those two are so cute together
I'm digging the new art style, though i always love it when artist's try new styles
February 25th, 2019
@tinyjerkface: Sorry you got sick, though I'm glad you're better
February 25th, 2019
My boi (the absolute mad lad he is) is gonna sleep on the bed