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This is getting interesting now!
Oooo, story time!
Loving this, especially that little panic attack there for Nick. XD
When you get bored, you are willing to have a conversation with someone else's skull. Hmm, sounds about right.
One-shot KO!
5 minutes... Well, it looks like he's gone forever! :P
I love the emotions, it's not very often you find art with that much detail, but not so much detail that it looks derpy! Great job!
Sounds about right.
I still like this art style, especially the fire.
That's pretty straightforward...xD
Those ribs...
Hmm, I love the idea of this being some sort of past memory.

Also, CLIFFHANGER! Dang it!
Ah, the non-dependable duo.
I'm glad that guy has a heart, it was obvious Nick was starting to freak out.

Also, this art style is amazing!
I love this idea with the runes! I keep wanting to know more about them! :D
Just a random ball, totally not untrustworthy.
Hmm, he doesn't seem to like that idea! xD
Eh, I like the fluffiness, so I don't wanna know! XD