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I am friendly and love comics, games and being with friends.
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September 24th, 2019
Well the Tinypic 'no longer available' makes it a little harder to vote. Though I just clicked on the last image and gave it a 5.
I feel this amazing comic is now dead. It is sad :'(
Did we what? 0,0
Out they come! Where will they go from there? 0w0
Get dunked on!
You art is just so amazing! It draws me in more and more!
@Apollo-Pop: Don't push yourself too hard though, as much as I want an update, I don't want it to come at the expense of your health or life style.
Do you post about every two weeks?
Hehehehehehe, so excited about the update! ^W^
I have read this comic three times now, still excited to see more.
I hope there will be a way to translate it or someone can translate it for those who are curious but can't even try to understand what the demon is saying.
I wish there was some side thing of a way to translate what is being said.
I wonder what it is saying.
@SomiJuli: It was earlier, it shows the demon taking a swipe at his leg. I missed it too until I reread it.